Sarah H
GCSE – Mathematics

我从来没有在参加数学考试时感到如此自信,这是因为我的导师给我的支持和帮助. He didn’t just teach me, but he also give me the confidence I never had.

Steve J
University – Interview Preparation

I feel self confident when going for interviews now as I have been taught not only how to speak, but also how to carry myself. Thank you!

Mr Clarke F
Father of 11+ entrance exam student

我肯定会推荐三亿体育登录,因为在几周内,我女儿的考试成绩就开始提高了. With your continuous backing, I can see her getting into the secondary school she likes.

James G
A Level – Physics

I enjoyed the different teaching techniques as it helped me identify the gaps in my learning. Many thanks to my tutor for being by my side.

Luisa D
A Level – Mathematics

I was predicted a C for A level Maths and needed a B to get into my university choice. Through the help of The London Education Company, I was given the support I needed and managed to get an A!! I don’t know what I would have done without your help. Thank you so much!

Mr and Mrs S Jain
Parents of all round GCSE student

We are very pleased with the way the tutor has taught our daughter over the year. Using the base foundation of all the key areas, and then developing it for the correct use of structure and content. We are delighted with his progress and would recommend this service to anyone else

Hollie C
GCSE – English

I have always had difficulty in writing essays. But I was given clear guidance on my grammar, essay structure and the planning process required to write an essay. As a result my essay marks have improved substantially. I think I finally know what I want to study at University!

Jeff M
GCSE – Mathematics and Science

I found my tutor very committed and supportive. 他会准备工作表,我会把他推荐给任何希望在物理方面充分发挥潜力的人.

Wang H
A Level – Biology and Chemistry

I had always wanted to become an engineer but after being predicted B in both biology and chemistry, I didn’t think it was possible. However, the constructive teaching and guidance I received really helped me understand the subjects. Thank you for being so accommodating and patient with me. My mum couldn’t believe it when I told her I got an A* in biology and A chemistry. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

Mrs Marsh
Parents of GCSE Science and Maths student)

There are many tutors around but only a few teachers who really are supportive. My son has struggled with English ever since we have moved here. But K**** has been an absolute god send, my son is doing so much better and a lot of it has been due to an increase in his confidence. Thank you.

Jack W
GCSE – Mathematics and Science


Rhodri O
A Level – Economics

我之前在另一家机构工作,但我发现他们不像我那样支持我,也没有给予我所需要的个人关注. However I now feel very content as The London Education Company has in fact surpassed my expectations. Over the years I have been taught by several teachers, 但我发现三亿体育登录的导师也具有导师所需要的热情和热情. 从我开始学习的那一天起,我就得到了支持,在考试中得到的支持和鼓励让我感到不知所措. Sincere thanks to everyone involved.

Clarita P
Mother of 13+ Scholarship student

I’ve always been a bit hesitant when arranging tutors for my children. 但令我震惊的是,为我女儿预定一些课程是多么容易,每节课都是如何独特地满足她的需求. This enabled her to not only feel more organised, but she thoroughly enjoyed each session. Best of luck for the future and many thanks for all your hard work.

Leah O
Mother of GCSE students

我为我的大孩子选择了三亿体育登录,他得到的服务给我留下了深刻的印象. My twins have been excited to get tutored and like before, M****一直非常迅速,意思是我能够在这么短的时间内安排好所有的事情. Happy as always with your service, keep it up!

Naomi G
Mother of a Special Needs Science student

Thank you for taking my children up at such short notice. I was incredibly impressed at the feedback I was getting. 很明显,我的孩子们受到了优秀的教育,他们的导师都是各自领域的专家.

Camran H
Undergraduate – Economics

I didn’t know that University would be so much more intense than school. 但我得到的支持和热情是发展我的学习过程和实现我的目标的关键

Mr and Mrs Kathir
Parents of A Level Physics student

I am very thankful that my son felt comfortable with the tutor. 他能够识别出我儿子在哪些方面遇到了困难,并确定了他需要更多关注的地方. My son has just taken his physics exam and he said that it went better than expected, and I know that is because of your excellent service.

Mandy R
Parent of A Level Science student

After receiving my daughters mock exam results, we knew she needed some extra help. 我很高兴与您联系,我非常推荐三亿体育登录. 你改变了我女儿对科学的看法,从一门她觉得极其困难的学科变成了一门她非常喜欢并且擅长的学科. 如果没有你,她不可能取得这样的成绩,现在她去了杜伦大学,我感到非常高兴. Thank you for you excellent service.

Craig J
Year 9 student

I have always felt comfortable in asking my tutor for help and he is very understanding. Sometimes, at school it gets embarrassing if I do not understand something when everyone else does. But I am so happy to get the support that I am getting from my tutor. I also feel more happier with the GCSE options that I have taken.

Mrs Chashad
Parents of Year 8 and Year 10 students

From the first time I rang The London Education Company, I knew that both my son and daughter were going to get the best educational support. The professional manner and approach impressed me and my husband, and we are very happy with the choice that we have made. Although we found many tutor companies, 我没有找到一个能给我的孩子提供三亿体育登录所期待的支持和承诺的人. My children feel very comfortable with the tutors and not only has this reflected in their school work, but also in their general attitude to school. Not only have you been able to teach them, but you have also inspired them to become the best of people with a great attitude. I can’t thank you enough and I know that you will become very successful in the future.

Sarah C
A Level – Mathematics

我问我的父母我是否可以得到A Level数学辅导,因为我发现它是一个非常大的一步比GCSE. 这一年的开始,我在放学后哭着回家,因为除了我之外,每个人似乎都懂数学课. My parents chose The London Education Company and it was a place which I had never heard of. 我现在可以自豪地说,我非常感谢我的导师和我的父母,他们证明了我需要的支持. 我的导师总是鼓励我,特别是对于分数较高的问题,一个小错误可能意味着我失去了几分. 我现在对考试更有信心了,从来没有想过我能说我真的很喜欢数学.

Richard P
A Level – Mathematics

My tutor was very conscientious and had a brilliant understanding of the subject. He would always be willing to mark the extra work I had done and gave me good feedback. Thank you for all your help!

Bijal K
GCSE – Mathematics

当我自己复习过去的试卷时,我总是感到有点迷茫,但三亿体育登录为我提供了一位导师,他帮助我了解整个考试过程,这让我在考试时不那么害怕. I appreciate all your help.

Kartik A
GCSE student

我很高兴我使用了伦敦导师公司的服务,因为我觉得我对GCSE的所有科目都有了更好的掌握. My tutor was very reliable and conscientious which made me concentrate more during my revision sessions. He planned each of my classes really well which was exactly what I needed. 我觉得我现在在考试中处于一个更好的位置,我知道我将能够获得比我预期的更高的成绩.

Lawrence K
University – BMAT

I would definitely recommend the London Education Company to everyone. They are all very friendly and have a great passion for teaching.

Molly T
A Level – Mathematics and Physics

I wish I had known about The London Education Company before. I came across it only 6 weeks before my A Level exams. But I can say that within those 6 weeks, 我得到了很好的指导,我相信我已经达到了我的预期成绩,因为我得到了我需要的支持和信心,以获得最好的成绩. Not many tutors give you support and advice when needed outside of lessons hours. But The London Education Company provided me that and for that reason, I am eternally grateful.

Pharil B
A level – Biology and Chemistry

进入大学的压力非常大,当我没有获得学医所需的分数时,这对我来说无疑是精神上和情感上的挑战. 我要感谢三亿体育登录的每一个人,在我生命中最困难的时候,在我需要帮助的时候,他们在我身边. 正是在您的帮助和支持下,我不仅取得了成绩,而且被UCL医学院录取, 但我还获得了学校AQA生物和化学课程的最高分. I can’t thank you enough for all your motivation and enthusiasm. You didn’t just help me in my education, but helped me become a happier person both mentally and emotionally.

Pearl O
GCSE – English

我肯定会和我的导师一起增加我的课程,因为我选择了英语A - Level,并发现在我的gcse考试中,我能够得到我需要的帮助. I find it less daunting to answer the questions which account for more marks. I find it easier to structure my writing and am able to plan effective before answering any questions. I’ll be back again The London Education Company!

Harrison C
University Mentoring student

I lack a lot of confidence when it comes to meeting new people. 我的导师非常专业和礼貌,帮助我克服了大学演讲时的焦虑. 不仅是我感觉不一样了,我的教授和朋友们也发现我的演讲质量有了很大的提高,我在演讲中也变得更加自信了. I will definitely be recommending The London Education Company to all my friends.

Mrs O’Conner
Parent of 11+ student with Learning Difficulties

As a parent I have always had a good rapport with my sons’ teachers. When I was looking for tutors for him, I knew what he needed but couldn’t find it. I am so happy that I found The London Education Company to help prepare my son for his Grammar School. 我选择了三亿体育登录,因为我发现他们所有的导师都非常合作,而且在各自的学科上都很专业. Thank you for helping my son and ensuring that he is fully prepared for his upcoming exams.